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Are you an active and responsible student with a strong capacity for cooperation? Do you want to accumulate experience as a group leader? Do you want to meet new people and explore the international dimension of your home university? Do you want to help new students get started with their studies?

The tutor’s job description

As a tutor, you play a key role in welcoming new students to the university and ensuring they develop a strong commitment to the university community and their studies. As a tutor, you will act as a group leader and you will be part of the university’s guidance and counselling system along with university personnel. Tutors receive a small financial compensation for their service. First-time tutors also receive academic credits for their initial training.

Depending on your areas of interest, you can focus on tutoring new Finnish students, tutor new international exchange and degree students or become a sport tutor to motivate new students to be physically active.

What do we look for in applicants?

The ideal tutor is an enthusiastic, responsible and enterprising student with an interest in leadership. A tutor should be familiar with the general way things work at the university. However, you don’t have to know everything before you begin — the faculties provide training for all new tutors.

How to apply to become a tutor?

The application period for autumn 2018 is January 29th (9 a.m.) - February 12th (3 p.m.). Apply to become a tutor through the Aava application system.

Tutor Training

All faculties arrange their own Tutor Training. If you need more information, please contact the Tutor Coordinator from your faculty!

Student Services arrange one Tutor Training Session for all tutors. Only one session is in English but you can also attend a Finnish/Swedish session if you think your language skills are good enough! Register by March 28th! 

April 5th, 2pm-5pm, Siltavuori
April 10th, noon-3pm, Viikki
April 12th, noon-3pm, Kumpula
April 18th, 9am-noon, Siltavuori (in Swedish)
April 19th, 1pm-4pm, Metsätalo (in English)
April 23rd, noon-3pm, Meilahti

Tutors of international students must in addition take part in one of the following training sessions:

April 26th, 4pm-7pm, Metsätalo lecture room 6 (in English)
May 9th, 9am-12pm, main building, aud XIII (in English)

Sign up for training here

Tutor Adventures 2018

Hi, tutor applicant! Would you like to learn something new about the Student Union and the student community? Are you interested in getting to know the other tutors? Do you want to hone your tutoring skills and score an overall badge for it?

HYY is organising training for tutors in the form of the Tutor Adventure in the spring. You can use the skills and knowledge you learn in the Tutor Adventure in the autumn as you guide freshmen through the wonders of student life!

HYY’s Tutor Adventures are held at the New Student House on 19 April and 16 May. The Tutor Adventure consists of visiting workshop checkpoints in teams, with the best teams receiving a prize in addition to the tutor overall badge. The Tutor Adventure has the same contents on both days, so mark either 19 April or 16 May on your calendar already, and be ready when the registration opens in March.

Apply to become a sports tutor

Are you interested in sports? Would you like to inspire new students to be physically active? Apply to become a sports tutor!

The purpose of sports tutoring is to familiarise freshmen with student sports — both the diverse services of UniSport as well as independent exercise opportunities — and inspire freshmen to maintain a sporty lifestyle in spite of their busy study schedules. Sports tutors are not required to be in top shape or to be trained coaches. You only need to be enthusiastic about making the freshman autumn of new students more physically active and fun!

Sports tutors will receive training on how to plan and organise events. You will also meet other sports tutors with whom you can cooperate. Our partner, UniSport, provides tutors with free-of-charge facilities, group training and even potential financial support for sports outside UniSport facilities.

Sports tutors are expected to have a strong motivation to serve as tutors as well as the commitment necessary to organise five sports events for freshmen. Being a regular tutor is no obstacle to being a sports tutor at the same time. As compensation for your service as a sports tutor, you will receive a six-month UniSport membership. Once you have organised five events and reported your experiences, you will receive another six months. If you are already a UniSport member, the six months you receive as compensation will be added to your current membership.

Apply to become a sports tutor by 27nd of May, 2018 by this form: You can read more from the Student Union's website and ask further information from Aleksanteri Gustafsson (, the board member of the Student Union who is responsible for sports tutoring. Student