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Career Services organises Think Career -events, workshops and info sessions. The themes of events are career and employment.

Boost to studies and career groups

Do you feel that your studies are not progressing as quickly as you would like? Have you lost sight of the goal of your studies? Do you have problems with time management? Do you need help in finding your strengths and recognising your skills? Do you need peer support? 

If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, Guidance Corner’s Boost to studies and career groups may be just the thing for you! The material in the groups is in Finnish and the work takes place in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English) based on the needs of the participants, unless otherwise indicated in the clinic information.

Clinic themes (January and February 2020):

  • Smart goals
  • Find your skills
  • Goal in mind, shaky time management

You’ll find more information, dates and registration on Guidance Corner’s site.

Job search and LinkedIn workshops

Job search and Linkedin workshops -image

Get the best tips from our Career Counselors on job search, fixing your CV and LinkedIn! 

Career Services will be organizing job search and LinkedIn workshops at Guidance Corner (Kaisa-house) in Spring 2020. The workshops are open for all the students at the University of Helsinki regardless of the point of studies. 

Read more about the workshops below and register!  

The workshops are organized in Finnish, English and Swedish – please note the language of the workshop when you are signing up! The workshop on the 6th of April at 10-12 is a combination of job search and LinkedIn and it is organized in Swedish.   

The events are organized on Mondays and a maximum of 25 students will be admitted to each one. The workshop will be organized if there are at least 10 participants. The registration closes on Thursday before each workshop (we will inform you about possible cancellations). 

Register for the workshops here! 


Whether you are searching for a part time job during your studies or a job after your graduation, now is your chance to get the best tips from our Career Counselors for a successful job search! In this workshop, you will receive help in e.g. following questions: 

How to begin job searching? How do I write a good application and CV and stand out from other candidates? What kind of possibilities does social media offer for job search? How do I find jobs from the hidden job market? 

In the workshop, you will get the opportunity to read and comment on the other participants’ CVs in an encouraging environment. This in a unique opportunity to see other students’ career documents and receive constructive feedback on your own CV. Students who have participated in similar workshops have found the feedback they received highly rewarding. Therefore, take a printed copy of your CV with you and remove all information you do not wish other participants to see. 

Mon 13.1. at 12–14 (in Finnish) 
Mon 24.2. at 10–12 (in English) 
Mon 30.3. at 12–14 (in Finnish) 
Mon 6.4. at 10–12 Job search & LinkedIn (NOTE! In Swedish)  
Mon 18.5. at 10–12 (in Finnish) 


Update your LinkedIn-profile to a whole new level! In this workshop we will look at your LinkedIn-profile especially from the point of view of job search and networking. 

What do the recruiters pay attention to in your LinkedIn-profile? How do you stand out from the other candidates? You will receive help in writing your profile text, get the opportunity to comment on other students LinkedIn-profiles and receive constructive feedback on your own profile. 

If you do not have a LinkedIn-profile, please create one before attending to the workshop! 

Mon 27.1. at 12–14 (in Finnish) 
Mon 2.3. at 10–12 (in Finnish) 
Mon 6.4. at 12–14 (in English) 
Mon 25.5. at 10–12 (in Finnish) 

If you have any questions about the workshops, please contact Career Services:

Other Career Services' events

The Think Career events held in Finnish can be found on the Finnish site.