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For the purposes of providing instruction, the University of Helsinki processes student data. This statement describes how your personal data is processed.

In order to provide you services related to teaching, the University of Helsinki needs to process various identifying information, or personal data. This makes the University of Helsinki a controller of a data file, or the party which controls the processing of your personal data for said purpose.

1. The University of Helsinki is the controller of the data file, or the party responsible for processing your personal data

Contact details:
University of Helsinki
PO Box 3
00014 University of Helsinki
Telephone: +358 2941 911

Development Director Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta at Teaching and Learning Services serves as the contact person for the controller of the data file, email

Tuomas Tähtinen, the data protection officer of the University of Helsinki, can be contacted by email at

2. Why is your personal data processed, or what is the purpose of the processing?

The University of Helsinki must process your personal data in connection with, for example, entrance examinations and decisions concerning studying, student guidance, course registrations, the restoration of completed studies, assessment and registration as well as the drawing up degree diplomas.

3. Why does the University of Helsinki have the right to process your personal data, or what is the legal basis for the processing?

The use of personal data is primarily based on legislation concerning the University of Helsinki and the organisations operating in the University community. In specific cases, the basis for processing data is consent given by the student.

Relevant regulations

Universities Act (558/2009)
Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004)
Act on national study and degree registers (Laki valtakunnallisista opinto- ja tutkintorekistereistä) (884/2017)
EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and supplementing national regulations
Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Act (XXX/2018), which will supersede the former
Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
Regulations of the University of Helsinki Regulations
Regulations on Degrees and the Protection of Students’ Rights at the University of Helsinki
Decisions by the University and the rector concerning teaching and studying at the University of Helsinki
Standing regulations of the University of Helsinki faculties

4. What kind of personal data does the University of Helsinki process?

The University of Helsinki processes personal data from which you can be identified directly or indirectly. Direct identifiers include the personal identity code and student number. We will also process your name and contact details, in addition to which the University processes other information related to your studies from which a third party may identify you by connecting the details.

The details most commonly processed in conjunction with studying and completed studies are the student’s name, student number and contact details, as well as details on the degrees pursued and the content of studies.

Here are examples of the data processed by the University of Helsinki:

  • Persons applying to study at the University (applicants), their basic details and application information
  • Basic student details (e.g., student number, personal identity code, name and contact details)
  • Students’ study rights
  • Students’ completed studies, traineeships and theses/dissertations
  • Teachers and related information on teaching
  • Students’ registrations for teaching
  • Students’ student feedback details
  • Details related to students’ career and employment services and surveys
  • Basic details on the staff involved in supporting students and teachers (e.g., name and work-related contact details)

Further information on the personal data processed by the University is available in the data protection statements of the systems used in processing, with the processed details itemised (see section 10).

5. What rights do you have?

Right to access and rectify personal data

You have the right to know whether the University of Helsinki is processing your personal data. Additionally, you have the right to know which personal details are being processed.

Details on the personal data contained in various applications are available in the data protection statements of the applications (see section 10).

In many of our applications, you can view your personal data by logging in (e.g., WebOodi and Moodle). If you wish to know in even more detail which personal details are being processed, please contact

Right to withdraw consent

If the University of Helsinki is processing your personal data based on consent given by you, you have a right to withdraw any such consent. Please note that the processing of data related to studying is usually based on legislation or public interest, not on personal consent.

Right to appeal to the regulatory authority

You have the right to subject the legality of the University’s activities to a review by the Data Protection Ombudsman (

6. Where does my personal data originate?

Some required personal details come from yourself, which makes you responsible for their validity. A right to study is personal. Thus, your personal details must be valid.

Certain details have been collected from other parties, including:

  • Details concerning the acceptance of a student place are gained from a national student admissions register (Act 884/2017) and from documents submitted by the student.
  • The validity of name and contact details is verified from the Population Register Centre.

Further information on the origin of data is available in the data protection statements of the relevant systems (see section 10).

7. How long will your personal details be stored?

In observance of the legislation concerning universities (sections 25 and 27 of Act 884/2017), the University of Helsinki stores the following personal details related to teaching permanently:

  • Student numbers and personal identity codes or equivalent identifiers
  • Information on completed degrees and specialist training, as well as all completed studies and their grades
  • Information on rights to complete studies leading to a degree and specialist training, as well as information on the acceptance of a student place and registration for studies leading to a degree and for specialist training
  • Information on storage periods for other data is available in the archiving plan of the University of Helsinki: The storage periods are based on the Archives Act and other relevant legislation.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

According to its data protection policy, the University will exercise particular care if personal data is to be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area to countries where data protection regulations do not conform to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The transfer of personal data outside the EU or the EEA must be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.

9. Is automated profiling used in decision-making?

No automated decisions will be made based on the assessment of a person or a person’s performance. Decisions will be made in such a manner that a member of the University’s staff will monitor the results of an automated assessment, or an examination committee will decide on examination results.

10. Further information on the processing of personal data at the University of Helsinki

Students’ personal data is primarily processed by the University through various electronic applications.

The following are the most important applications employed in teaching and studying at the University:

Applicant and admissions details

  • Studyinfo

International mobility details

  • Mobility Online

Academic administration and teaching details

  • Oodi student information system
  • My Studies and Instructions for students websites
  • My Teaching and Course Pages websites
  • Exam examination system
  • Moodle learning platform

User right data

  • Access right indexes

Further information on the data processed by each application and the related justification, on the parties with access to the data, as well as on the protection, security and destruction of personal data is available in the system-specific privacy statements.

Data protection statements: (in Finnish only)