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This article concerns all degree students regardless of whether they are studying in the new degree programmes or according to the old degree structures. 

All first-cycle degrees include career orientation and training for expert duties with a total scope of at least 10 credits.

If a second-cycle degree includes full-time career orientation, each full-time month of completed orientation is the equivalent of no less than five credits. For well-grounded reasons, exceptions can be made due to the nature of a specific field. All second-cycle degrees include career orientation and planning.

Curriculum for Career course

On average, Career Services organises the Curriculum for Career course (Opinnot ja ura -kurssi)  twice a year, usually during the second and fourth periods. The next course will be held in spring 2018 (in Finnish).

Its objective is to enable students to

  • Identify their competences and employment opportunities
  • Make choices and decisions concerning their studies and career
  • Improve their job-seeking skills

After completing the course, students will receive a certificate. The scope of the course is 1–2 credits. Incorporating these credits into studies should be agreed upon separately with the student’s own discipline.