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The dissertation completion grant is intended for the work required on a dissertation manuscript before it is submitted for preliminary examination. Dissertation completion grants may be awarded to doctoral students who have been admitted to pursue a doctoral degree by the University of Helsinki and are completing the degree at the University of Helsinki, and who belong to one of the doctoral programmes of the University of Helsinki. The doctoral student and his or her supervisor must apply for the grant together.

The application should be submitted well in advance of the beginning of the intended grant period, at least about two months beforehand, so that a decision on the grant can be made in time. The grant may be awarded for one to three months. The amount of the grant is EUR 1,500 per month. The grant will be awarded only for full months beginning on the 1st or 15th day of the month.

Conditions for applying

  • The grant is intended exclusively for the work required on a dissertation manuscript before it is submitted for preliminary examination.
  • The grant requires full-time work on the dissertation, and thus no other engagement in full-time employment.
  • As a rule, the author of the dissertation should have no other types of funding at his or her disposal during the grant period. The grant cannot be concurrent with a salary from full-time employment or another grant.
  • A dissertation completion grant will not be given to a person who is an employee at the University of Helsinki during the grant period. The grant recipient may complete some sporadic tasks related to other work for no more than 10% of the calculated work hours (4 hours per week).
  • The grant is intended for finalizing the dissertation manuscript, not for completing other remaining doctoral studies. The amount of studies completed during the grant period should not exceed the 10% limit mentioned above.

Please also note:

  • An individual can be awarded the dissertation completion grant only once. If the doctoral manuscript is submitted for pre-examination during the grant period or the conditions of the grant are no longer otherwise fulfilled, the recipient of the grant must give up the remaining grant. For further information, please contact the coordinator of your doctoral school.
  • Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of information provided in their application.
  • If an applicant is requested for additional information which is not received within two months of the request, the application will become void. An announcement of this will be sent to the supervisor and the author of the dissertation via email. Afterwards, the applicant may submit another application.
  • Rejection of the application does not prevent future applications if the situation changes.
  • The recipient of the grant will not be employed by the University during the grant period and will not be covered for workplace accidents or by occupational healthcare. The recipient of a dissertation completion grant is not required to obtain the statutory pension and accident insurance for grant recipients.
  • For advice on the taxation of grants, the recipient of the grant should contact the tax authorities directly.

How to apply?

Applications may be submitted throughout the year. They must be submitted well in advance of the beginning of the intended grant period, typically about two months beforehand so that a decision on the grant can be made in time. There may be delays in processing the applications particularly during the summer and at the turn of the year. Please note that the grant is paid as monthly payments, on the last day of each grant month.

To apply, please use this application form:
Completion Grant

The application consists of an application form with the following four enclosures:

1) For a monograph, the table of contents (as complete as possible) with page numbers; for an article dissertation, publication information on the included articles. In both cases, the application must include a brief description of the content of the dissertation.

2) A short description (no more than one page in length), signed by both the dissertation supervisor and the author, of the work to be conducted during each month of the grant period, and a schedule.

3) A signed statement (max. one page) from the dissertation supervisor, including an estimate of the date of the public examination as well as the date when the dissertation manuscript can be submitted for preliminary examination. N.B. If the supervisor who is applying for the grant is from outside the University of Helsinki, also the person monitoring the progress of dissertation in the faculty/department (for example professor in charge of the subject, responsible supervisor, etc.) must by his or her signature support the supervisor’s statement attached to the application.

4) A personal details form with information completed about the grant recipient. Degree diploma or tax card are not required. The application form must be signed by both the supervisor and the author of the dissertation.

Two (2) copies of the completed application form and its enclosures must be submitted to the Registry of the University (address: University of Helsinki / Registry and Central Archives, P.O. Box 3, 00014 University of Helsinki).

Applications are processed by the doctoral school, and the decision on awarding the grant is made by the director of the doctoral school. Please submit your application well in advance of the beginning of the intended grant period, typically about two months beforehand so that a decision on the grant can be made in time.

Further information

The applications are processed by the doctoral schools. For further information, please contact your own doctoral school's coordinator.

Note! Funding for dissertation completion grants will be reallocated for employment contracts. It is still possible to apply for dissertation completion grants until the end of 2019. Applications will be received until 31 December 2019, after which applications will no longer be processed. The grant application period may not exceed 31.5.2020. The call for the first 3-to-6-month employment contracts will be announced in early 2020.