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Welcome to the University of Helsinki! Please follow these instructions carefully, as they are intended for all new Bachelor’s and Master’s students. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact Student Services.

If you are an exchange student, follow the instructions on the incoming exchange students page.


Accept the study place

You will receive an email with your letter of admission and instructions for accepting the study place offered to you. If you do not follow the instructions and fail to accept the place on offer by the deadline, you will lose your place. The deadline will be specified in the same email message.

Re­gister as an at­tend­ing or non-at­tend­ing stu­dent

After accepting your study place, you must also register as an attending or non-attending student at the University. Your letter of admission will be accompanied by registration instructions. You will lose the right to study granted to you if you fail to register by the deadline.

If you are liable to pay tuition fees, you will be automatically registered after you have paid your tuition fee.

Prove your eligibility

If you have been accepted conditionally, you need to prove your eligibility separately. If you have not yet proved your eligibility for Bachelor’s or Master’s studies, you will also be emailed instructions for doing so. You can find the conditional acceptance either from My Studyinfo website, the e-mail sent to you by Admissions services or from another specified website. You will lose the place offered to you if you fail to prove your eligibility by the deadline. The deadline will be specified in the same email message or website which will be sent to you.

The student register and a certificate of student status

Once you have accepted your study place and registered as an attending or non-attending student, your information will be saved in the University’s Oodi student register.

You can then obtain a certificate of student status to prove, if necessary, that you are a student of the University of Helsinki. The certificate of student status is mailed automatically to new students who have no address in Finland. You can also print an unofficial transcript with your attendance information from WebOodi.

If necessary, you can also collect a certificate of student status from Student Services.

A student card and a student calendar

As a member of the University of Helsinki Student Union (HYY), you will be able to get a Finnish student card which is your means of proving that you're a student in Finland in all situations necessary.

Once your information has been saved in the student register, you can download Frank App on your smartphone and activate your digital student card. The digital student card provides all the same student benefits (e.g., discounts at UniCafe, HSL, the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS and UniSport) as the traditional plastic card. You can begin to use Frank App as of 1 August, i.e., when your right to study begins.

You can also order a plastic student card.

As a member of the Student Union, you will also receive a student calendar. You can collect your calendar from the Kaisa Library service desk, the Meilahti, Kumpula or Viikki campuses, or the HYY service point.

Activate your user account

All attending students are given an IT username to the University's network. Most public computers on the campuses as well as the University's wireless network require you to log in with your username and password. The access right includes a username and password, an email address, disk space on a server and access to various programs.

Please note that you cannot use the University’s data systems (e.g., register for courses or print an unofficial transcript) until you have activated your user account. Activating the account online requires a Finnish e-banking account or an electronic user ID and a card reader. If you don’t have a Finnish bank account, you need to wait until your arrival to Helsinki to activate your user account. In that case,download an application for user account after which you will receive a notification to visit at Helpdesk ID-point personally, when here.

For detailed instructions for activating your account, please see Helpdesk's instructions.



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