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Guidance Corner is located on the third floor of Kaisa House, Fabianinkatu 30.

Guidance Corner provides low threshold advice and guidance services on, for example, wellbeing, digital skills and job seeking – and even a weekly energising exercise break. Some of the Guidance Corner activities are regular weekly guidance and counselling sessions. Read more below!

If there isn't any program going on, feel free to read and rest in Guidance Corner. 

Read also Guidance Corner principles for a safer space. 

We are happy to receive your ideas, development suggestions and feedback related to Guidance Corner activities.

Video library

Digital clinic

Will be updated in August

Digital Clinic every first Monday of the month between 14.00 and 16.00 and every third Thursday between 10.00 and noon. During

On Monday, May 6th, support will be offered in Swedish.

The Digital Clinic is meant for all students requiring more assurance in navigating the digital learning environments of the University of Helsinki.

For example, you may ask for advice on issues related to the following environments:

If you wish, you can bring your own laptop or tablet computer!

Carefree shoulders

Will be updated in August

Unisport offers an energising Carefree Shoulders exercise break at the Guidance Corner every Tuesday between 13.15 and 13.30. Join us!

Carefree Shoulders is an energising 15-minute break workout focusing on the back and shoulder region and freeing up those stiff muscles. Carefree Shoulders is well-suited for beginners, and no gym clothes are needed.

HYY's guidance

Tips for the house hunting

HYY’s tips for house hunting at the Guidance Corner on August 30, 11am – 1 pm

Looking for a home? Come and hear how and where a student can search for an apartment in Helsinki. In addition, we provide tips for applying general housing allowance.

Legal protection clinic

Are you wondering what rights you have at the University, or have you experienced flaws when completing courses? Have unreasonable obstacles emerged to hinder your study progress, or have you felt a grade you received was unfair?

In the legal protection clinic, HYY’s specialist will advise you on legal protection issues related to studies. Legal protection clinics are organised in the Guidance Corner on Fridays according to the following schedule:

6 September at 11am - 1pm
25 October at 11am - 1pm
22 November at 1pm - 3pm
13 December at 11am - 1pm

We recommend that you check whether HYY’s new guide on legal protection has a quick answer to your question. The guide includes the most common problems that students of the University of Helsinki face in their studies as well as their solutions. You can read the guide online or get yourself a printed copy from either the legal protection clinic or HYY’s Services Office!

You can also get guidance on legal protection by email or phone from HYY’s specialist in charge of advice on legal protection.

In matters not related to studies, HYY’s members are entitled to free legal aid provided by Pykälä’s Legal Aid Committee.

Legal aid in Swedish is provided by Codex.

Subsistence guidance

How much can I earn when receiving student aid? Will my credits from this year be enough for Kela? What do I do if I am worried about summer-time subsistence? In our subsistence guidance, HYY’s specialist will advise you in issues related to student benefits, help you find further information and, if needed, support you when you contact Kela or social services, for instance.

Subsistence guidance in the Guidance Corner on Fridays:

23 August 1pm - 3pm
6 September 1pm - 3pm
25 October 1pm - 3pm
22 November 11am-1pm

If you are unable to visit the Guidance Corner, you can also contact HYY’s specialist by email or phone. Further information on this and on students’ subsistence is available on HYY’s website.

Student wellbeing

Carefree shoulders

Every Tuesday, you can take a break with a mini workout instructed by Unisport from 13.15 to 13.30. Read more about the Carefree shoulders above.

Theme days

27.9 Fresher adventure

29 October at 15-17 Till the last drop of sweat?

Stress is part of life. However, it is important to learn how to recognise when there is too much of it. Come and join Guidance Corner’s wellbeing event to stop for a while to discuss how to decrease stress and take care of your ability to study. Find the keys to the solution within yourself! Watch the story of aiming for perfection (in Finnish only) 

3 December at 15-17 Assertive or without boundaries?

Without assertiveness we are at the mercy of other people and tire easily. Learn to recognise your personal boundaries and to say ‘no’, and you will notice how you gain more strength. Come and join the wellbeing event to stop for a while and discuss how to find your own boundaries. 

A boost to studies!

Will be updated in August

A boost to studies clinic on Wednesdays between noon and 14.00, last clinic April 24

Do you feel your studies are not progressing as fast as you would like? Do you feel that you are not reaching your goals or that you have lost sight of them? Are you returning to studies after a longer break? Are you unaware of who to turn to for help?

A boost to studies clinic could be just the thing for you! At the clinic, you can, for example,

  • Clarify your goals related to studies
  • Map the steps on your path towards your goal
  • Find out what kind of guidance, support or help you might need on your journey
  • Perhaps recognise something new about your own existing competences

Discussions will be held face to face (you may also come with a fellow student), and depending on the queue they last from 15 to 30 minutes. You do not have to make an appointment. 

Note that the clinic does not provide degree programme or faculty-specific study guidance. If you need advice on, for example, what studies you are missing, you can find the contact information of your home faculties Student Services here.The clinic is run by Student Services planning officers with training in guidance counselling.

Walk-in job search support

Will be updated in August

Are you concerned about job-seeking or issues related to traineeship? Do you need practical advice on polishing your CV?

The University’s career services provides walk-in job search guidance to support your job hunt. You can come for guidance without an appointment, if you require support in the following matters:

  • Feedback on a CV and job application
  • Support in practical matters related to job searching
  • Questions related to traineeship and its funding

The duration of the meeting is a maximum of 30 minutes.

During June 2019 Walk-in job search support will be held during the following dates:

  • Wed 5.6. 12–14
  • Thu 13.6. 12–14
  • Wed 19.6. 12–14
  • Wed 26.6. 12–14