Prevention of inequality and discrimination at the University

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Students at the University of Helsinki have the right to a safe and pleasant study environment. Consequently, all University units must ensure that their students are not subjected to harassment or inappropriate behaviour in the course of their studies and supervision.

Harassment contact persons

The University of Helsinki disapproves of any kind of inappropriate behaviour, bullying or harassment. Each and every supervisor and teacher at the University is obligated to address the situation if they notice inappropriate behaviour, bullying or harassment in his or her work or study community. More information about the prevention of inappropriate treatment and harassment at the University of Helsinki is available in Flamma and in PDF.

If you encounter harassment at the University, please contact the University's harassment contact persons:

You can also contact the Student Union via email at More information is available on the Student Union website.

Equality and accessibility

The University of Helsinki is committed to promoting equality and preventing discrimination in all its operations. The University strives to be a forerunner in the promotion of equality and the creation of an atmosphere of respect for diversity. The University recognises and eliminates practices and structures that create and sustain inequality. Equality and, as a related factor, accessibility contribute to the quality of a multicultural and multilingual University community. See more details in the University's Equality and Diversity Plan.

The University’s Equality Committee is a body under the Vice-Rector, featuring the whole spectrum of the University community. The duties of the Equality Committee are to:

  • Promote the achievement of the objectives outlined in the Act on Equality between Women and Men and the Non-Discrimination Act, monitor the development of equality at the University and report on it;
  • Influence the University community so as to strengthen pro-equality attitudes, opinions and structures at the University; and
  • Prepare an equality plan as specified in the Act on Equality between Women and Men and the Non-Discrimination Act.

The equality adviser supports the promotion of equality at the University of Helsinki. Please contact the equality adviser at