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The Open University offers courses in Finnish from nearly all of the faculties at the University of Helsinki. You can study and complete university courses from many different fields.There are no age limits or previous education requirements. The most important thing is your own interest and excitement in learning!

The Open University organises basic and intermediate studies. General studies, language courses and separate lecture series are also offered. The Open University offers courses from nearly all of the faculties of the University of Helsinki. Studies are organised both during the academic year and during the summer. The study fee is EUR 15 per credit. Summer courses are free of charge for undergraduate students of the University of Helsinki who are enlisted as attending students at the moment of registration. More information on Open University website

Course selections

The course selection includes study modules and individual courses from numerous disciplines. In addition to studies in Finnish, courses are offered in Swedish and English. Information on the progression of the studies can be found in the study programmes, which state how, when and where teaching is organised. The study programmes also include instructions on registering for courses and information on fees, the completion of courses and course literature.

Student admissions

Students can pursue Open University studies by registering for the study modules or courses. Registration practices vary according to the organiser of the studies; more precise information can be found in the study programmes.

To be able to participate in intermediate-level studies, the student must have a certain grade for the basic studies and in some cases pass an entrance examination. An entrance examination can also be used as a tool to screen out participants.