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See below the optional study modules, which can be taken by students other than those of the programme in question.

Listed here are only those modules, in which the language of instruction is at least partly English. For a more comprehensive list, please switch to Finnish by using the button on the upper right side of this page. The languages of instruction (if other than English) are specified separately for each module below.

NB! The synchronization with WebOodi is being developed. Some of the links may take you to a page in WebOodi where it says at the bottom that there are no courses or exams available. For correct information, please find the same study module in the WebOodi Course Catalogues.

Right to complete minor subject studies

The right to complete individual courses as minor subject studies at the Faculty of Law until 31 July 2020

Students at other University of Helsinki faculties can apply for the right to complete up to six courses included in the curricula of the Bachelor’s Programme in Law and the Master’s Programme in Law. In the new Bachelor’s Programme in Law, the intermediate-level studies have been organised into thematic modules based on pedagogical and content-related factors. As a rule, students must first complete the compulsory intermediate-level courses before pursuing related optional studies in the same discipline. Optional studies can be completed as minor subject studies in a single discipline. Information on the knowledge and skills required for each course can be found in the course catalogues of the Faculty programmes in WebOodi. No study right can be granted for the general, language and basic studies or practical skills courses included in degree programmes.

The right to complete minor subject studies cannot be granted if the applicant has not, according to a transcript of studies, completed at least 60 credits of studies offered by his or her major subject or faculty. The application must be accompanied by a statement from a professor in the student’s major subject concerning the connection and suitability of the studies for the student’s degree or by an equivalent report on meeting the above criteria. The application must also be accompanied by a transcript of studies.

Exchange students complete up to 15 credits per term. Exchange students should complete at least half the studies they pursue during their exchange at the faculty specified by the University of Helsinki.

For the application to be accepted, the discipline must have sufficient teaching resources, and the applicant must have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the studies. For resource-related reasons, some disciplines (e.g., criminal law) cannot grant the right to complete minor subject studies. The dean decides whether to grant the right. The right to study will generally be granted only until 31 July 2020. 

Students who have successfully applied for the right to study must register for each course through WebOodi. If the number of participants in a course has been restricted, the course coordinator may give priority to students of the Faculty of Law.

Applicants can be granted the right to pursue studies constituting a 15-credit module in the discipline of international law, recorded under the code OIK-IL515. To do so, they must first apply for and complete the course Principles of International Law (4 cr) as well as a separate one-credit unit. Detailed instructions for completing the separate unit must be requested from the relevant course coordinator. The five-credit module offered to minor subject students is registered under the separate code OIK-IL500 Principles of International Law. To complete the 15-credit module in international law, students must later apply for the right to complete two five-credit optional courses in the field of international law. (Please check the course catalogue to confirm that the courses are included in studies in international law.) Students cannot apply for the right to complete further studies until they have completed the 15-credit module, but once they have done so, this right can be granted, if resources permit. Once the module has been completed, please request that it be entered into the student records by sending an email message to porthania-student@helsinki.fi. Your message should include information on your right to complete studies in international law and on the courses in international law you have completed.


The processing of applications takes from four to six weeks.

For further information on the processing of applications concerning minor subject studies, please contact porthania-student@helsinki.fi.