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Here you will find information concerning the orientation period and student tutors.

If you are a new degree student, please read the article First Steps of a New Degree Student first.

If you are a new incoming exchange or visiting student, please read the article Important Information for Incoming Exchange Students first.

To access all the information relevant to your degree programme, remember to select your programme in the menu above. 

The Student Tutors Are Here For You

Tutoring is a support arrangement for the new students at the University of Helsinki. It introduces you to the Finnish university life and makes it easier for you to settle into the new environment. You will be assigned a tutor (or a peer counsellor) and a tutoring group. Students are divided into groups on the basis of the faculty or the degree programme in which they begin their studies at the University of Helsinki. The groups are led by student tutors of the same faculty.

The student tutors assist you with the most important things you need to do during the first couple of days. Your tutor can point out where to register as a resident, where to get your travel card, where your faculty is, and who to contact there and where the most important services on the campuses and around the city are. Tutoring is successful when the members of the tutoring group cooperate. When the group and the tutor work together, each student will get the most out of the tutoring sessions. Get to know some of our new tutors!

Your tutor will contact you by e-mail before the orientation begins. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact your Faculty Tutor Coordinator to find out who your tutor is.

Orientation Week

Each autumn and spring, before the classes begin, there is an orientation week which is a week full of activities for all new international students. It is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get to know the campuses and the university and to get all the official matters out of the way.

Please note that if you miss the orientation week, the start of your studies will be more time-consuming and challenging as you have to take care of everything independently.

Degree students might receive some credits for the orientation. Please ask more information from your degree programme.

Important dates

Autumn 2018

  • Welcome Fair: 28 August, 2018 & 29 August, 2018
  • Orientation Week: 28 August - 31 August, 2018

Spring 2019

  • Welcome Fair: 9 January, 2019
  • Orientation Week: 9 January - 11 January, 2019

Wel­come Fair

At the Welcome Fair you can

  • pick up your certificate of student status
  • pick up your IT username to the university's network
  • pick up a discount certificate for the travel card
  • apply for a personal identity code from the Local Register Office
  • get your arrival certificate signed and stamped (exchange students, if applicable)
  • receive information on and sign up for Finnish language and other language courses
  • find out more information about sport facilities at the university and student health care, and much more!

If you have not paid the Student Union fee before your arrival and you wish to join the Student Union, you can pay the fee also at the Welcome Fair in August (not in January). However, we recommend that you pay the fee before your arrival. For payment information please see here. Also remember to bring the receipt with you!

Remember to bring your official ID with you to the Welcome Fair (passport or ID card; it is recommended that EU citizens also bring their passports for their stay in Finland). Otherwise you will not be able to get all of the official matters out of the way.

We recommend that you visit the Welcome Fair together with your tutor, the faculty will give you more information on when your tutor group is visiting the Welcome Fair.

Get to Know Your Campus

The University of Helsinki comprises four campuses. Get to know yours in advance!

  • City Centre Campus (Faculties of Arts, Educational Sciences, Law, Theology and Social Sciences, Swedish School of Social Science)
  • Kumpula Campus (Faculty of Science)
  • Viikki Campus (Faculties of Biological And Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine)
  • Meilahti Campus (Faculty of Medicine)


You can have an affordable, student-priced lunch at the UniCafe cafeterias on all campuses. All Bachelor’s or Master’s students who have registered as attending are entitled to the student-priced lunch. For lunch prices and the contact details of the cafeterias, please visit the UniCafe website.