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The renovations of the University Main Building started in the summer of 2019 and lasts until the summer of 2021. Use of the building is limited during the renovations. As a lot of public examinations have traditionally been held at the building, the renovations will affect the arrangements of public examinations quite a bit.

Take at least these into account

  • The renovations will begin in midsummer 2019 and will last until May 2021.
  • The renovations focus on the older side of the building, but noise pollution will effect the whole building.
  • Noisy work will be conducted especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Public examinations must not be held at the building, apart from the so called "super defence dates" (more information further down the page)
  • During the renovations, we recommend that doctoral candidates arrange public examinations primarily at their home campus. For more information on suitable locations, see further down the page.
  • To avoid a booking jam, don't book a venue before the date of your defence has been confirmed. If the date changes, don't forget to cancel your previous booking.
  • Further information on the effects of the renovations will be updated on this page as the work progresses.
  • For detailed instructions on how to arrange your public defence, please see here.

Suitable locations on different campuses

Public examinations have traditionally focused in specific lecture halls, but it's quite ok to have your event at any venue with a capacity for at least 50 participants. However, don't forget that the event must be held in University premises.

You can check the booking situation of different lecture halls through Optime Portal. However, bookings must not be made through Optime Portal but rather by contacting the University's booking services directly.

During the renovations of the Main Building, a few lecture halls in each campus have been reserved for public examinations. These lecture halls show in Optime Portal as reserved, but this does not necessarily mean that someone has already booked the hall for their defence. To find out if a hall is available, please contact the University booking services. Below is a list of the lecture halls that have been preliminarily reserved for public examinations during the renovations.

City Centre Campus

  • Porthania PIII (Reserved for public examinations on Fridays between 11–16 and on Saturdays between  9–16 from September 13, 2019 to May 29, 2020. Recommended times for Saturday events are either 10–14 or 12–16)
    N.B. Starting from December 7th 2019, the Porthania teachers’ lounge (2nd floor, next to Unicafe) is reserved for the use of doctoral candidates and members of the grading committees for preparing to the defence on Fridays 11.00–13.00 and on Saturdays 9.00–13.00. At those times, the room cannot be reserved e.g. for post-defence coffee services, as it’s meant to be open for all doctoral candidates defending their thesis that day as a sort of “room of preparation”. Leaving overcoats, hat boxes and such to the lounge for the duration of the defence is not recommended. For this purpose, there are storage closets in the Porthania lobby (deposit: 1 euro). The portiers of the building can also store hat boxes, opponent’s luggage etc. during the event if needed.
  • Athena, lecture hall 302 (Reserved for public examinations on Fridays between 11–16 from August 30, 2019 to May 29, 2020)

Kumpula campus

  • At Kumpula campus, no preliminary reservations for public examinations have been made, as the campus hosts reasonably many lecture halls suitable for public examinations, with a capacity of min. 50 participants.
  • For more information on Kumpula lecture halls, please see the booking services' website.

Meilahti campus

  • Haartman-instituutti, lecture hall 2 (Reserved for public examinations every other Friday between klo 11–16 from September 6, 2019 to May 29, 2020)
  • Other preliminary reservations have not been made, but suitable venues for public examinations have usually been found without problems from Biomedicum, Haartman-instituutti or Hammasklinikka.

Viikki campus


Main Building super defence dates

The Main Building will be opened for public examinations on a few, special "super defence dates" during the renovations. During a super defence day, the renovations will temporarily cease and doctoral candidates are welcomed to have their event in the traditional surroundings of the building.

The super defence date of the fall semester is Friday, December 13th, 2019. The super defence date of the spring semester will be held on Friday May 15th, 2020.

On the super defence date, altogether six lecture halls have been reserved for public examinations. To allow as many events as possible during the day, we recommend that you make your booking either from 10 AM to 2 PM or from 2 PM to 6 PM.

If you want to have your event on a super defence date, set the date with the members of the grading committee in good time and be in touch with the University booking services to reserve your place.

Lecture halls in use on the fall 2019 super defence date:

Lecture halls in use on the spring 2020 super defence date: