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If you have neglected to register as an attending or non-attending student for the academic year and wish to have your right to complete a degree reinstated in the academic year following the neglected registration or later, you will have to first apply for readmission with your faculty.

(If you, after having failed to register at the University, wish to register as an attending or non-attending student during the same academic year, i.e. before 31 July, please see instructions here under "Forgot to Register?")

The application for readmission should be addressed to the faculty where you held the right to complete a degree. If you held the right to complete a degree in several faculties, you can submit the application(s) to the faculties in which you wish to continue studying.

Once the faculty has reinstated your right to complete a degree, please refer to the payment and registration instructions here.

NB! You can only apply for readmission if you have the right to complete a degree, or you are covered by the legislation regarding the duration of degrees. If the statutory duration of your degree has expired, instructions for how to proceed can be found here.

Are you a doctoral student? Instructions for applying readmission for doctoral studies are available in the instructions for doctoral students.

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BA and MA students:

Application for Readmission to Complete the Degree

Form for Graduation plan

The application for readmittance should be filled out with the approved graduation plan (approved by education coordinator or PSP-supervisor of their degree programme) attached. When the graduation plan is approved, the student has the opportunity to discuss his or her study plan and receive individual guidance. The application must be accompanied by a study plan. The degree programme will record its decision on re-enrolment on the form. After that the dean will make a decision about readmission.

Contact information:

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