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You must apply for a residence permit if you plan to study in Finland for longer than three months. EU citizens, citizens of the Nordic countries, Liechtenstein and Switzerland do not need a residence permit. Residence permits are issued by the Finnish Immigration Service MIGRI.

Don’t be late from your first semester – start applying for your residence permit as soon as possible (after receiving your acceptance letter) before the peak time in July-August / November-December.  Please note that you must apply for a residence permit for study (unless you are a doctoral student). Start your application for the residence permit at MIGRI’s online service EnterFinland. This will speed up the application process and you can follow the status of your application online. In addition, you have to visit a Finnish embassy (or consulate) in the country of your legal residence in person to give your fingerprints and prove your identity.

The most common reason for delays in the residence permit application process is insufficient insurance cover. Please note that the insurance requirements vary based on the duration of your stay and you must have insurance for your entire stay in Finland. Follow the insurance instructions closely, and get the right coverage.

The most common reason for rejecting a residence permit application is the lack of funding. You have to have 560 euros per month (6720 euros per year) on your bank account for the residence permit. Please note that the living expenses in Helsinki are much higher (700–1000 euros per month). If you are an exchange student, the bank account can be a joint bank account that you share with your guardian. The bank statement must include a statement of your right to access the bank account.

The University reports to MIGRI about admitted students who do not show up and start their studies. MIGRI will contact the students about possible cancellation of the residence permit.