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Student’s Digital Skills is a compulsory course for all undergraduate students pursuing a first-cycle degree at the University of Helsinki. The University provides students with numerous digital services and tools necessary for studies. With this in mind, the course content includes information about navigating within the University’s digital learning environments, which is especially useful in the initial stage of studies.

These instructions provide the links and material needed for the completion of the course. If you have any questions concerning the course, please contact us by email at

Course completion instructions in a nutshell are available at the end of these instructions in the section “Completing the course”. Material for the course is available on these platforms:

  • Moodle – Course completion instructions, starting level tests and completion of a competence test
  • WebOodi – Registration for the examination period. NB! Remember to register in Moodle before taking a competence test!
  • Student’s Digital Skills learning material website – This where you will find course material for independent study and starting level tests as well as for preparing for the competence test.

Completion of the course

Student’s Digital Skills course is completed through self-access studies and online exams. You can complete the course entirely independently on your own computer whenever you wish.

The course is most beneficial when completed at the beginning of the studies. It is recommended that the orientation part of the course be completed during the first or, at the latest, the second period of the first academic year. The course is available to all students, but if you are pursuing a first-cycle degree, it is a compulsory component of your general studies.

The course completion has been divided into two parts:

  • Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation (2 cr)
  • Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills (1 cr)

Completion instructions in a nutshell (More detailed instructions are available in their entirety on Moodle, see point 1 in the list below.):

  1. Find on Moodle the Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation course intended for your own degree programme with the code provided at the end of the next section of these instructions. Register in Moodle with the code assigned for your degree programme.
  2. Review the learning material available in Moodle and take the starting level tests. You may take the starting level tests as many times as needed to receive the required score.
  3. After you have passed all the starting level tests and studied the learning material well enough to be sufficiently prepared for a competence test, register for the test in WebOodi. You can find the correct course in WebOodi by using the same code you used to search for the Moodle course. NB! Remember to register in WebOodi before taking the competence test, since the completion of the course will not be registered without it, even if you passed the test. In order to access the competence test site, you need a password, which you will receive only after you have registered for the test in WebOodi (see here instructions on how to find the password once you have registered in WebOodi).
  4. Once you have completed the competence test:
    1. If you passed the competence test and you registered for it in advance in WebOodi, the completed course will be registered for you. Next, you can complete the course Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills. However, you will only be able to complete it after the completed orientation stage is registered in WebOodi.
    2. Should you not pass the competence test: You can try to pass the competence test again for a second time during the same examination period; however, there must be at least a week between the tests. You may also register for the competence test in the next examination period. Further information is available in Moodle.

Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills:

  • The following section lists the degree programmes where the advanced skills course is substituted by a course from the degree programme in question.
  • The advanced skills courses of other degree programmes can be found in Moodle with campus-specific codes, which are also listed in the next section. Completion of these is similar to the completion of the orientation part of the course: First, you have to pass the starting level test and then the competence test. Remember to register for the competence test in WebOodi before completing it in Moodle.

Contact teaching for the course is organised as an Open University course each term. This course is recommended especially to students whose starting level in information and communication technology is low and who need special support in studying for the Student’s Digital Skills course.

More information is available in WebOodi with the code AYDIGI-500A Open uni: Student's Digital Skills: Orientation.

OBS! Undervisning på finska. NB! Teaching in Finnish

Campus-specific code for the course in WebOodi and Moodle

The content of the Student’s Digital Skills course varies somewhat between degree programmes, which is why the course has campus-specific pages in WebOodi and Moodle. Please register for the course intended for your degree programme.

Below you will find a list of campus-specific codes and names to find the course intended for your degree programme both in WebOodi and Moodle.

Degree programmes in the City Centre

DIGI-000A Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation (City Centre), 2 cr
DIGI-000B Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills (City Centre), 1 cr

Degree programmes in Kumpula

DIGI-100A Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation (Kumpula), 2 cr
DIGI-100B Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills (Kumpula), 1 cr

The following degree programmes offer their own course in place of DIGI–100B:

  • Bachelor's Programme in Mathematical Sciences: TKT50003 Computing Tools for CS Studies or MAT20004 Latex Course
  • Bachelor's Programme in Physical Sciences: MAT20004 Latex Course
  • Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry: KEK404 Chemist’s Digital Skills
  • Bachelor's Programme for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry: MFK-408 Subject Teacher’s Digital Tools I
  • Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science: TKT50003 Computing Tools for CS Studies

Degree programmes in Viikki

DIGI-200A Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation (Viikki), 2 cr
DIGI-200B Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills (Viikki), 1 cr

Degree programmes in Meilahti

  • All degree programmes: DIGI-300A Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation (Meilahti), 2 cr
  • Medicine and dentistry: DIGI-300B Student's Digital Skills: Advanced Skills – Medicine (Meilahti), 1 cr
  • Psychology, logopedics and translational medicine: DIGI-300C Student's Digital Skills: Advanced Skills (Meilahti), 1 cr

The course in Swedish (all degree programmes):

DIGI-400A Studentens digitalkompetens: orientering (Svenskspråkig) 2 cr
DIGI-400B Studentens digitalkompetens: fördjupade studier (Svenskspråkig) 1 cr

Course substitution

The substitution of the Student’s Digital Skills course or parts thereof is possible only with equivalent studies completed at the University of Helsinki or the Open University (for example, the ICT Driving Licence). However, the completed credits to be used for substitution may not be more than ten years old, if you are studying in a degree programme launched in 2017. Further information is available by email at