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The university offers you several digital services and tools that are indispensable in your studies. In order to further assist you, we have designed a course called Student’s digital skills which is worth three credits and provides information that will particularly support you in using the university’s digital learning environment in the early stages of your studies.

If you have any questions concerning the course, please contact:

Completion of the course

To get the most out of the course, you should complete it at the outset of your studies. The course is available for all students but if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, this course is an obligatory part of your general studies.

The course has been divided into two parts:

  • Student's digital skills: orientation (2 cr)
  • Student's digital skills: advanced skills (1 cr)

Complete the orientation part during the first – or second at the latest – period of your first year of studying. Learn more about the contents of the course online here.

Getting started

  1. See the WebOodi course catalogue of your study programme for an introduction to the course and its parts (see Study blocks).
  2. Next, log in to the Moodle course area of the “Student's digital skills: orientation” part of your campus, where you will find detailed instructions for completing the course. You will find the course key (password) required for log-in in the Moodle course area introduction, below the course area name.

The list below contains the campus-specific identifiers and names of the course in order to help you find the courses in WebOodi and Moodle.

Study programmes in the City Centre

DIGI-000A Student's digital skills: orientation (City Centre) 2 cr
DIGI-000B Student's digital skills: advanced skills (City Centre) 1 cr

Study programmes in Kumpula

DIGI-100A Student's digital skills: orientation (Kumpula) 2 cr
DIGI-100B Student's digital skills: advanced skills (Kumpula) 1 cr

Instead of DIGI-100B, the following study programmes include a course of their own:

  • Bachelor's Programme in Mathematical Sciences: TKT50003 Computing Tools for CS Studies or MAT20004 Latex Course
  • Bachelor's Programme in Physical Sciences: FYS4017 Fysikaalisten tieteiden TVT-opinnot
  • Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry: KEK404 Kemistin digitaidot
  • Bachelor's Programme for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry: MFK-408 Aineenopettajan digitaaliset työkalut I
  • Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science: TKT50003 Computing Tools for CS Studies

Study programmes in Viikki

DIGI-200A Student's digital skills: orientation (Viikki) 2 cr
DIGI-200B Student's digital skills: advanced skills (Viikki) 1 cr

Study programmes in Meilahti

  • All study programmes: DIGI-300A Student's digital skills: orientation (Meilahti) 2 cr
  • Medicine and dentistry: DIGI-300B Student's digital skills: advanced skills – medicine (Meilahti) 1 cr
  • Psychology, logopedics and translational medicine: DIGI-300C Student’s digital skills: advanced skills (Meilahti) 1 cr

Course in Swedish (all study programmes)

DIGI-400A Studentens digitalkompetens: orientering (Svenskspråkig) 2 cr
DIGI-400B Studentens digitalkompetens: fördjupade studier (Svenskspråkig) 1 cr

Course substitution

Do you already have previously completed studies or expertise in the field of information and communication technology? The Student's digital skills course or its parts can only be substituted with corresponding studies completed at the University of Helsinki or the Open University (e.g. the ICT Driving Licence). However, the substituting studies must not be older than ten years if you are studying in a study programme that started in 2017. For more information, please contact: