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This article concerns all degree students regardless of whether they are studying in the new degree programmes or according to the old degree structures. 

You can take certain exams electronically at a time and exam room of your choice. The exams are taken on a computer and supervised via recording camera equipment installed in the rooms.

Quick instructions

Registering for an Examinarium exam

First sign up for the exam or course in WebOodi. (If the course is organized by Open University, use the registration link in their study programme.)

If you are registering for a personal exam, use your university username to log in to Examinarium (to have your username registered on the system) and then contact the examiner.

Take any requirements for special arrangements into consideration, as not all exams can be taken on Examinarium.

To find out what exams are available, log in to Examinarium.

  • If the exam is not displayed on the desktop, click on the Exams tab. The system will only display registration information for exams for which you have registered for the corresponding course on WebOodi and which the instructor has entered in the system.
  • Choose an exam by clicking its name. Confirm it is the correct exam and click on Register.
  • Choose your exam room. (University of Helsinki is not yet participating in the “Exam visit” -pilot, where students can take their own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room. Therefore don’t reserve an exam room from an external institution.)
  • Choose a time from the calendar view. You can register for a time that is no more than six weeks from the current date.
  • Check the opening hours of the exam rooms.
  • Finish by confirming your registration.

You will receive an email to confirm that your exam registration was successful. Your registration will also be displayed on the Examinarium system. Make a note of the computer letter/number assigned to you by the system.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, the registration process may have been incomplete. Check whether your registration is indicated for the exam in question.


If you wish to take several exams in a row on the same date, remember not to make overlapping exam reservations. You should also allocate time for meals, bathroom visits and breaks between the exams. Students are not allowed to leave the exam room during an exam.

You can only have one reservation at a time for each exam.

If your plans change and you are unable to take the exam at the designated time, please remember to cancel or reschedule your reservation. No-shows count as attempts.

Cancelling an exam reservation

Make sure to reschedule or cancel any reservations you are unable to show up for. No-shows count as attempts. No-shows and aborted exams often prevent students from making new reservations (depending on the number of attempts allowed by the examiner). If this happens to you, you need to contact the examiner to request a new attempt.

The examiner may apply the general university examination guidelines to the Examinarium system and impose a waiting period on a student who has two or more no-shows or aborted exams on their record.

Follow these steps to reschedule or cancel a reservation:

  1. Rescheduling a reservation before the exam date:

    1. Log in to Examinarium
    2. Find the correct exam in the list “Exams you have registered for” and click “Change reservation”. Choose a new exam time and confirm your reservation. The new reservation will be displayed on your desktop and you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Cancelling a reservation before the exam date:
    1. Log in to Examinarium
    2. First delete your electronic exam reservation. Find the correct exam in the list “Exams you have registered for” and click “Delete reservation”.
    3. If you don’t intend to take the exam in question at all, you can also cancel your registration for the exam by clicking the red X to the right of the exam title.

Entering the exam room

Check your confirmation email or the Examinarium system to confirm the room and computer you are taking the exam on. You can’t take the exam on a computer other than the one assigned to you by the system.

The hours of service of the exam rooms depend on the opening hours of the building. Some buildings may close early on certain days, such as the eve of a public holiday, so make sure to always check the opening hours of the room you have registered for!

Get to the exam room early. Your exam time will be counted down from the start of the time slot you have registered for. Enter the exam room and take a seat at your designated computer no more than five minutes before the start of your exam to allow previous examinees to finish their sessions.

Prepare for any potential problems by reading the electronic exam instructions in advance. The instructions are also available in the exam rooms. The exam rooms are supervised by recording cameras.

You are required to bring your student ID card or official identification to your exams to verify your identity (in addition to video recording, the exam rooms are subject to random checks. Students are not allowed to leave the exam rooms during exams.



Learning Centre Aleksandria

  • The exam rooms are on the K1 and fourth floor. Lockers are provided for examinees.

Viikki Infocenter Korona

  • The exam room is on the 4th floor room 415.
  • Lockers are provided for examinees.


  • The exam room is on the first floor in Chemicum, room A122. 
  • Lockers are provided for examinees.


  • The exam room is in Biomedicum 2b, room sh15
  • Lockers are provided outside the room

Taking your exam

Video: How to take an exam in Examinarium

1. Locate the computer assigned to you and follow these instructions:

  • Find the Examinarium icon on the desktop and use your login credentials to sign in.
  • If you are early, wait for the start of your exam.
  • The exam will begin automatically at the start of your exam time.
  • Navigation. The exam will have one or more sections, each containing one or more questions. Refer to the sidebar on the right for information on the number of sections and questions in your exam. The questions for each section are displayed on one page. To navigate between the sections, use the list in the sidebar or the green arrows at the bottom of the display.

2.Read the exam instructions.

3. Answer the questions in your preferred order.

  • If necessary, click the question title to display the answer field.
  • You can freely navigate between the exam’s different sections. This means you can start by entering notes for the questions and then go back to add more detail.
  • The system saves your answers automatically at one-minute intervals. You can also save your answers at any time by clicking the Save button.

4. Submit your exam by clicking “Save and submit exam” on the right.

5. Confirm exam submission.

  • The system will display a message confirming the submission of your exam and you will be logged out.
  • Your exam will be automatically submitted at the end of your allotted exam time if you haven’t submitted it by then. You will also be logged out automatically at the same time.

6. Close the browser window.

If you need to abort an exam, click “Abort exam” in the sidebar on the right. Aborted exams are not scored. Confirm that you wish to abort the exam, close the browser window and log out from the computer.

After the exam

You will get an email notification, when your exam has been assessed. In Examinarium, you will see the total score, the grade and the feedback of your exam. If you wish to see your answers, please contact the examiner. The final grade of the course will be registered to Oodi.

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Rules for Examinarium

Special arrangements for Examinarium exams

  • If you need more time for taking an exam, contact the examiner. It is not possible to grant additional time on the Examinarium system, but the instructor can assign a personal exam to you that other students can’t sign up for. If the duration of the exam, including the added time, exceeds three hours, the alternatives are to either divide it into two exams or take it outside the Examinarium system.
  • If you need a quiet space to take an exam in, try one of the exam rooms. If taking an exam in one of these rooms is not possible for you, reserve an exam time in an accessible exam room.
  • If you use a wheelchair, check the accessibility of the exam rooms when making an exam reservation.
  • If you need an assistant or other special arrangements during your exam, reserve an exam time in an accessible exam room before making your reservation on Examinarium. When making your reservation, indicate that you need a room with an Examinarium-enabled computer.


The examinarium system for taking exams is not compatible with certain special needs. Its use may be restricted due to the need to ensure the equal treatment of all students or the individual special needs or safety of examinees: unlike with paper exams, the electronic exam rooms do not have a supervisor present.

Students are not allowed to bring any personal items to the exam room. This includes food, beverages and blood glucose meters. If you have special needs, such as a medical reason for needing to have something to eat during your exam, reserve an exam time in an accessible exam room. Exams for which students are allowed to bring notes and materials can’t be taken in Examinarium rooms with multiple exam computers to ensure the equal treatment of students. Open book exams for which the available materials are the same for all examinees can be taken on Examinarium if the examiner includes the relevant materials in the exam. Group exams can’t be taken in electronic exam rooms because the conversations would disturb other examinees. Certain types of content, such as illustrations, conceptual charts and formulas, can’t be reproduced in electronic exams for the time being. Exams requiring voice answers, such as the listening comprehension tests normally taken in language labs, can’t be taken in Examinarium for the time being. Voice answers are also out of the question because talking in the exam room would disturb other examinees.