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Corona virus situation: complementary information for students at the Faculty of Arts

Bachelor's Programme in Philosophy
Bachelor's Programme in History
Bachelor's Programme in Languages
Bachelor's Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland
Bachelor's Programme in Cultural Studies
Bachelor's Programme in Art Studies
Master's Programme in Area and Cultural Studies
Master's Programme in English Studies
Master's Programme in History
Master's Programme in Intercultural Encounters
Master's Programme in Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age
Master's Programme in Languages
Master's Programme in Literary Studies
Master's Programme in Cultural Heritage
Master's Programme in Translation and Interpreting
Master's Programme in Scandinavian Languages and Literature
Master's Programme in Russian Studies
Master's Programme in Gender Studies
Master's Programme in Finnish and Finno-Ugrian Languages and Cultures
Master's Programme in Art Studies
Doctoral Programme in History and Cultural Heritage
Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society
Doctoral Programme in Language Studies (HELSLANG)
Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society (SKY)

This site was last updated: May 13, 2020

This site is used to update complementary, faculty-specific information on the effects of the exceptional situation for students at the Faculty of Arts. Please also follow the sites listed below:

March 19, 2020 Faculty Examinations (updated May 13, 2020)

Students in faculty examinations must register for the exam as usual. Check completion methods in WebOodi or on the course page. If you can't find all the information you need, contact the responsible teacher.

Faculty examinations in the spring and in the summer will not be organised as normal lecture hall examinations. They will be replaced by other long-distance arrangements. In regard to summer examinations, the responsible teacher must be contacted by June 7.

April 7, Optional studies

Valinnaisten opintojen tasokoe keväällä 2020 (suomen kielen opintosuunta)

Valinnaisten opintojen koe on siirretty. Koe järjestetään tiedekuntatentin (kesätentti) yhteydessä keskiviikkona 17.6. klo 10-12.

12.8. Historian valinnaisten opintojen koe 2020 (siirtynyt keväältä syksylle)

Sekä suomenkielinen että ruotsinkielinen koe järjestetään läsnäoloa vaativana kokeena keskiviikkona 12.8. klo 12.00-14.00.