Retaking completed studies and improving grades

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This article is only for students studying in the new degree programmes. If you are studying according to the old degree structures, please visit your faculty’s intranet pages for more information. 

You can retake an approved examination or course no more than two times. Students must be offered at least one opportunity to retake examinations connected to teaching. However, this retake opportunity does not apply to Bachelor’s and Master’s theses or doctoral dissertations.

If you want to redo a written assignment, such as an essay or learning journal, you will have to make substantial revisions or completely rewrite the assignment on another topic.

You may improve the grades for courses which have been incorporated into a study module. However, the improved grade will not change the overall grade given for the module. This means that the grading of the study module will not be changed if the student retakes a course, nor will the registration of the module be cancelled.