Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a traineeship is required for my studies?
All degrees completed at the University of Helsinki include either a compulsory or an elective traineeship period.

NB! Not all traineeships are eligible for the University’s traineeship subsidy.
Where can I find a traineeship position?
Traineeship offers can be found in many job search portals.

Bear in mind that not all traineeships are advertised! Taking initiative and being active may well result in a traineeship position. Find out about employers that are of interest to you and do not be shy to contact them.
Can the traineeship be completed in part-time employment?
Yes, the traineeship can be completed as part-time work. Ensure that the traineeship meets the required minimum duration set for traineeships. If the minimum duration of the traineeship is two months of full-time work, this also applies to traineeships completed as part-time work. The easiest solution is to extend the overall duration of the traineeship. For example, a part-time traineeship with 50% of regular working hours must last at least four months if the minimum duration of the traineeship has been set at two months.
When can I apply for funding for my traineeship?
You can apply for the University’s traineeship subsidy when you have found an employer who requires that the University subsidises your traineeship. There is no specific application period, so applications are accepted throughout the year. However, verify with your degree programme at which stage of your studies you can complete the subsidised traineeship.
Can I receive funding for my traineeship if my employer pays me no salary?
No, you cannot. The requirement for the University’s traineeship subsidy is that the employer pays the student at least the monthly salary corresponding to the minimum wage as defined by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (€1,189 per month in 2018). The subsidy is not paid to the student, but to the employer, who can invoice the University for the subsidy at the end of the traineeship. The subsidy is meant to cover part of the salary costs incurred to the employer from hiring the student.
For traineeships completed abroad without pay, students can apply for an Erasmus grant or a travel grant for international traineeships.
Is the University's traineeship subsidy available for traineeships both in and outside Finland?
Yes, University funding can be used for traineeships both in and outside Finland. There are also other funding opportunities for international traineeships.
Can I apply for an Erasmus grant for a traineeship abroad if I have received the University’s traineeship subsidy earlier?
Yes, you can, provided that your grant application is for a different traineeship. You can receive only one traineeship subsidy at a time from the University of Helsinki. In addition, you cannot receive traineeship funding from the National Agency for Education and the University at the same time. The traineeship must also always be integrated into a degree.